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Top 5 Traits of a Lawyer

The United States legal system is comprised of various fields of law. As a result, different types of attorneys specialize in particular fields. When searching for representation to best suit your specific legal needs, you want to look for an attorney who possess the top five traits of a lawyer:

  1. Specialization
  2. Legal Experience
  3. Resourcefulness
  4. Cost-effectiveness
  5. Communication


The first question you should ask yourself is: What field of law does my case fall under? For instance, if you need relief from debts you cannot repay, you want to look for a bankruptcy lawyer. Likewise, if you are disputing a contract for the purchase and sale of a property, you want to find a real estate attorney.

Once you’ve considered a lawyer’s specialization, you want to narrow down your search. This means exploring the lawyer’s legal experience and the subspecialties they pursue. For example, you may need a foreclosure attorney when you receive notice that the bank has filed a lawsuit to foreclose on your home. Your friend might refer you to a real estate attorney who specializes in purchase/sale transactions and might not know enough about foreclosure law. In this case, a real estate attorney is needed, but the attorney with the most experience in your required subspecialty will better suit your specific legal needs.

To find lawyers by specialization, visit The Florida Bar.

Legal Experience

The second question you should ask yourself is: Does this attorney have the legal experience necessary to handle my case? Just because a lawyer might specialize in the area of law that you require assistance with does not mean that they also have sufficient experience handling those cases.

You need to find an attorney that demonstrates expertise in their field. You want a lawyer who knows how to effectively prepare your case, navigate the trial, and accomplish a favorable outcome. So, consider spending a little time researching an attorney’s track record. This will be a clear indicator of how well an attorney will do their job. Some questions you should consider are:

  • How long has the attorney served in this field of law?
  • How many cases has the attorney worked on that are similar to mine? What was the outcome?
  • Can the attorney provide me with a list of references from previous clients who had cases like mine?

Assess the lawyer’s legal experience and reputation to determine if it is the most suitable representation for you. You can do this by visiting their websites or conducting an online search. Overall, the right expert attorney for your specific case will have experience bringing cases like yours to prosperity and maintaining satisfactory reviews from previous clients.


The third question you should ask yourself is: Does this attorney have the necessary connections to adequately handle my case? Not all lawyers have the pull to make a case as successful as it can be, so the traits of a lawyer you should consider is their resourcefulness. This includes:

  • Maintain a broad network of connections: In most cases, an attorney’s specialty and legal experience are sufficient, but in more complex cases, you might need an attorney with a broad network of connections.
  • Can win your case at lower costs: It is possible to be charged more money for similar services simply because of a firm’s network. Resourceful attorneys will have the pull you need to win your case at lower costs because they are not spending the same amount of time and money trying to attain resources that attorneys without this trait must do.
  • Help you find a method of resolving conflicts besides going to court: It might be more beneficial for you to settle your disputes outside of the courtroom. This could save you time and money, guarantee you compensation from the settlement, and protect your privacy by keeping your case away from the public eye.

All in all, the value of a resourceful attorney should not be overlooked, especially for complex cases. You can determine a firm’s resourcefulness by conducting an online search, requesting this information from the attorney, or visiting the lawyer’s state bar profile.


Of course, an important factor to consider when committing to legal services is your budget. So, ask yourself: Can I afford this attorney?

Whether you investigate large firms, small firms, or independent attorneys, each legal service provider has their own fees. This means you could be offered a flat rate, charged hourly, or charged a contingency fee depending on whom you choose to represent you and the type of case.

Keep in mind that just because a lawyer charges less does not mean the services provided are of poor quality. Most legal service providers even offer free consultations where you can inquire about their payment policies.


The last vital trait of an adept lawyer is the ability to communicate with you. So, the final question you should ask yourself is: Does this attorney demonstrate good communication skills?

Your attorney’s ability to communicate will affect their negotiations, methods of persuasion, public speaking, and presentations to judges and juries. Additionally, a lawyer who helps build a strong client-attorney relationship through effective communication is likely one who ultimately brings your case to victory.

Attorneys with this trait will:

  • Effectively communicate with you, explaining your situation clearly, avoiding legal jargon, and keeping you updated on the details and progression of your case.
  • Be available and responsive to your needs, demonstrating empathy and understanding for your perspective and requests.
  • Communicate promptly and efficiently, staying up to date on your preferred method of communication and relaying important information in a timely manner.

Good communication is essential for the success of your case, but it is also a clear indicator that your lawyer makes your case a priority. To determine a firm’s communication skills, you can meet with an attorney during a consultation or ask people you know for recommendations on successful law firms.

Make a Choice 

Overall, the attorney you decide to hire will significantly impact the succession, duration, and conclusion of your case. So, it is crucial that you consider the top five traits of a lawyer when searching for the right attorney to handle your legal affairs.

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