Do you have a dispute with your co-owner over real estate property?

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Real estate litigation partitions refer to legal disputes that arise between co-owners of real estate property. This can occur when co-owners disagree on how to divide the property, how to use the property, or how to allocate costs associated with the property. In some cases, litigation may be necessary to resolve these disputes and partition the property. This can involve selling the property and dividing the proceeds or physically dividing the property into separate ownership interests. At Valero Law, we have experienced attorneys who can help.

Understand your legal rights and obligations (commercial and residential)​​

Develop a strategy for resolving disputes related to ownership of real estate (partition by sale or partition in kind) 

Prepare and file legal documents (partition agreement, deed of partition, court orders)​​

Advise on alternatives to partition (buyouts or refinancing) 

Represent you in court

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