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Contract litigation involves legal disputes that arise between parties over the terms and obligations outlined in a contract. These disputes can arise for a variety of reasons such as breach of contract, misrepresentation, fraud, or failure to disclose defects. Such disputes can significantly impede business operations and financial transactions.  

Proper understanding of contract terms are crucial to preempt potential conflicts. At Valero Law, we are dedicated to resolving the matter in a fair and efficient manner.

Understand your legal rights and obligations

Review contract(s) and analyze terms and conditions 

Prepare and file legal documents (deeds, titles, disclosures, addendums, zoning ordinances)​​

Assess the strength of Dispute Claim(s)

Represent you in court

Negotiate Favorable Resolutions

Client Testimonials

Dealing with lawsuits can get so complicated but David Valero helped me throughout the whole process. Highly recommend
Denise Tercero
Mr. Valero is an exceptional attorney. Their expertise and dedication were evident from day one. They communicated effectively, kept me informed, and achieved a resolution that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Mr. Valero for anyone in need of legal assistance.
Adiel Hernandez

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