Fraud and Theft

Civil Theft vs. Criminal Theft: What You Need to Know

Introduction Theft is a serious crime that can have significant legal and financial consequences. However, not all theft cases are the same. There are substantial distinctions between the two types of theft and they often require proper legal guidance from a professional to navigate successfully. Understanding what is civil theft versus criminal theft is crucial […]

Fraudulent Misrepresentation: What You Need to Know

Introduction All parties must agree to a contract’s terms and conditions before the agreement is finalized. However, when one party lies or omits information that causes the other party to enter that agreement, it is considered fraudulent misrepresentation. In some cases, this type of fraud can invalidate the contract and hold the offender liable for […]

Fraud In The Inducement v. Fraud In The Execution

Introduction Cases of fraud can occur in many different legal contexts, including contracts and agreements. Two common types of fraud often encountered are fraud in inducement and fraud in execution. While both involve deceit, they differ significantly in their nature and legal implications. In this blog, we will explore the key distinctions between fraud in […]

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